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Bcyclet rental

Bcyclet is your specialist road bike rental in the Alps, Provence, Corsica and Gran Canaria. We have a priviledged partnership with Scott and offer a quality fleet of bikes maintained by progessionnals. We make your ride as exciting as possible !



Choose Bcyclet, Choose Quality.

A large bike fleet

Our large bike fleet helps us meet the demands from a wide range of cyclists, from individuals to groups of riders. 

Efficient delivery service

A delivery team works throughout the season delivering and collecting bikes everuwhere in the Alps. You can easily collect bikes one location and then leave them in a completely different destination on the other side of the Alps. 
Less stress and more holiday for you !

High quality bikes and accessories

Partner with one of the best bike brands in the world, all our bikes are prepared before each rental by professionals. For your comfort we regulary change bikes.

Dynamic and Sporty team

We are all passionnate cyclists. We prepare your bikes/rides as we prepare a race: nothing is left to chance !